This is an Unprecedented Crisis

The healthcare system is unprepared. Medical professionals are overworked. Millions of informal sector workers are out of jobs. Children aren’t in school. 
Lives and livelihoods are at stake.

But if each of us pitches in – even in the smallest way –  then we can make these testing times pass a little easier, especially for the people who have to face the worst of it. 

Help India get through this.

How You Can Help:

Contribute to Relief Efforts

Help the most sensitive parts of the population weather the outbreak. 
Contribute to local and national fundraisers that help support their families and keep food on their tables.

Help fundraisers reach more people

Do you know anyone who has been adversely affected by the crisis and needs support? Find organisations and initiatives that can help.

Improve Medical Preparedness

Medical workers around the country need essential medical supplies, masks, and other personal protective equipment. Your donations can help build a stronger medical response

Volunteer with us

If you have any suggestions, or would like to help us maintain and add to this website, please do contact us for more information